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  2. Yohaig

    HEAPS of refuse are threatening the tourism potentials
    of Lokoja, theKogi State capital. The eyesore grows each day at strategic factors, a sign the state’s sanitation company has to do greater
    than merely bear its title.

    A lot of Nigeria’s colonial historical past
    is woven round Kogi State, significantly Lokoja. A visit round Lokoja would afford guests the
    chance of shut contact with the allure of its many historic websites and monuments.

    Overlooking the town, westward, is the towering 458.Three meter
    (1500 ft) Mount Patti with a stretch of 15-kilometre plateau.
    It used to function a strategic protection for natives in warfare
    occasions and in addition in opposition to slave commerce raiders.
    Sir Lord Fredrick Lugard, who liked the fantastic thing about the plateau,
    constructed his relaxation home on it, from the
    place he savoured the grandeur of nature.

    From Mount Patti, a customer might simply visualize the
    nice outlay of the confluence of Rivers Niger
    and Benue. That is the assembly level of the biggest rivers in West Africa.
    The 2 kiss in Lokoja, forming a ‘Y’ form with a ‘tail’ flowing southwards into the Atlantic.

    Different colonial endowments embrace the oldest
    hospital in northern Nigeria, the oldest prison yard in northern Nigeria, the
    secure of the oldest treasury additionally in Northern Nigeria, and a cenotaph in honour of Nigerian and African troopers who fought in World Struggle I and II.

    Notable vacationer websites embody Journal Hill, the place Lugard saved his arms and ammunition. One other is Kabawa the place
    some northern emirs who opposed colonial rule had been detained.

    Notable amongst them had been the late Emir of Bida, Mallam
    Abubakar; late Emir of Kano Mallam Abdullahi;
    the late Emir of Futatoro; and the late Emir of Zaria.
    Following their demise, they have been buried there. There can be the Holy Trinity
    Main Faculty, the primary in northern Nigeria, inbuilt 1865
    by Bishop Ajayi Crowther.

    These pluses are, nevertheless, diminished by appalling scenes of filth
    at refuse assortment factors at Ibrahim Taiwo Street, 200 Housing Unit Junction on Ganaja Street, Federal College Junction, and
    plenty of different factors in the town.

    Typically, receptacles at the gathering factors are left for days with out evacuation.
    Residents, in the meantime, proceed to deposit their wastes, even when the complete place is full and the filth is encroaching on the roads.

    An environmentalist, Sunday Idajili, described the state of affairs as unlucky, saying
    it might negatively have an effect on the tourism potential of the state.
    He described as worrisome the apply of utilizing fireplace to burn the waste, as smoke from the smouldering heaps constitutes a supply of air pollution. This is very the case on the refuse
    assortment factors at Catholic Cathedral and Bishop Denise College.

    The final Supervisor, Sanitation and Waste Administration Company, Mrs.
    Florence Joseph, nonetheless, mentioned the presence of refuse heaps in the town doesn’t
    imply workers of the outfit are idle. She complained of lack of tools for
    disposal of refuse and expressed optimism that the brand new administration within the state would result
    in change.

    “I need you to know that there isn’t any group in Kogi State that works as a lot as this company I’m heading; we work on a regular basis, together with weekends and on public holidays, evacuating waste. Waste era is a steady factor. Whenever you go away a spot you’ve cleared and return there after two hours, you’ll meet a special image as a result of individuals generate waste each second,” she stated.

    She defined that previously one month, the agency’s trucks have been down. “It is like we’re utilizing half a truck, not even one, as a result of that very one can break down at any second. The autos are additionally damaged down and we can’t take away waste with our naked palms,” she mentioned.

    The company, based on her, has solely two compactor
    trucks. And though one of many trucks can do the work of 4 tippers,
    when it finally breaks down, not a lot work will be accomplished.
    “The trucks are aged. The reality is that we’d like extra gear. Our individuals are all the time on the sphere. However with tippers solely, they’ll do little or no,” she mentioned.

    The usage of tippers for refuse assortment, in line with Joseph, is cumbersome
    as extra arms are required and employees are uncovered to the hazard of contracting diseases.
    She stated that within the absence of compactor trucks, the company has to fall again on tippers or tractors.
    The benefit of the compactor truck, she famous, is that it could compress waste, with a single
    journey being the equal of 5, for a tipper.

    “The price of sustaining the compactor truck could be very excessive and waste assortment is vitality sapping. It’s also capital intensive and there is no such thing as a magic about it. It’s not as if our folks are usually not working when refuse is seen in every single place. The issue now we have is utilizing tippers as a substitute of compactor trucks. This consumes extra time, extra gas and extra man-hours. In addition to, when utilizing tippers, there may be danger of accidents, as labourers attempt to elevate and empty the receptacles into the tippers.”

    Joseph stated the perfect factor that must be used is “what is named roll-on-roll-off or communal waste bin, which is a really massive container the place individuals dump refuse.”

    She added that the company is anticipating the state
    authorities to offer it with extra drums for refuse assortment and
    disposal. “Very quickly, there could be extra drums at strategic factors. And the ultimate resolution is the communal bin. The state authorities has promised to supply about forty five of those. They can be used instead of drums. It’s due to the monetary scenario of the state now that we’re nonetheless utilizing drums. Additionally, a committee on sanitation and beautification has been arrange. It has the Deputy Governor as chairman. That’s to point out you the dedication of the administration. We by no means had a dumpsite. However the present administration has earmarked a spot for that objective,” she stated.

  3. Newsnow Naija

    SIMON Kolawole’s “A Lesson Or Two From Super Eagles”
    in ThisDay of Sunday February 17, makes the connection between politics
    and excellence. The Super Eagles, according to Kolawole,
    exemplified the relevance and wisdom of decision made on the merit of
    what is the case.

    The winning team was selected in terms of the goal, namely that of selecting any 11 players
    from any part of the country that could lift the African Cup of Nations.
    Stephen Keshi’s team, against formidable odds, produced the
    superior Eagles.

    “As the Super Eagles,” writes Kolawole, “flew their way to glory in South Africa, some thoughts about our politics welled up in my heart. We have said these things several times in the past, but they become more real to me day by day. Each time the players took to the field, they represented every nook and cranny of Nigeria.

    There are only 11 players on the pitch, but they were representing the 36 states, and FCT, the 774 local government areas, the 250 ethnic groups and 160 million Nigerians. It did not matter that most of the players were from one part of the country.

    Each time we entered the pitch, we saw them first and foremost as Nigerians who were working their socks off to bring glory to the country. Each time they scored, we all celebrated irrespective of the players state of origin or religion.”

    Kolawole in this brief paragraph tells and teaches us
    what nation-building is all about and how it is brought about.
    Keshi attributed their victory to one fact, that he was able
    to produce with players of diverse background and career situations,
    a team. “We played as a team.

    We played as one body, with one mind and one understanding-We played as a team”.

    Burkina Faso, a much smaller country, produced
    a rival team that played as a team. Each produced a possible champion.

    It mattered who was the coach. He knew what it took for him as a player
    to be part of a winning team. He had his opportunity to take the risk of producing a team with only his
    eyes on how good players could be fashioned to become
    a winning team playing on world stage.

    The odd makers did not give him much of a chance. The champions had already been picked from their individual records.
    The key to Keshi’s victory was that he fielded a
    team of Nigerians, and those at home in their 250 ethnic habitats could see what they potentially are in the Super Eagles.

    The Super Eagles were Nation Nigeria. The Malian goal keeper said it
    all: “We lost to Brazil”. Keshi could get no higher praise than that
    which came from the heart of a member of the opposing

    There are lessons from sports in general and
    from soccer in particular that we should learn from the Nation’s performance in South Africa.

    The teams that qualify for the African Cup of Nations came from nations of different sizes, wealth and power.
    But big or small they could produce the excellence of play that
    made them potential champions.

    Togo, Burkina Faso, Cote D’Ivoire, and Mali could be accommodated within Metropolitan Lagos- but each were capable
    of winning. Excellence is a leveler in games impartially umpired.
    This is the wisdom from the African Cup of Nations.

    Whether it be politics of war or politics of diplomacy, a leadership that understands the strategic value of excellence is the leadership
    that would organise its decision to optimise its adeptness in the politics of excellence.

    A Pharaoh warned of an impending famine promoted an alien slave into the second in command in Egypt because Pharaoh
    prized excellence above pedigree. Kolawole appreciates the value of excellence
    and is provoke into asking:

    “Can we sincerely say we fielded our best 11 in government?”

    The question attempts to reconcile patronage politics with meritocratic
    politics, through the politics of excellence. Through the sieve of excellence patronage decisions can produce the
    best acceptable 11.

    It is a leadership that understands that excellence is the David that triumphs over Goliath
    that also understands that the politics of excellence must be promoted at
    the expense of the politics of ascription or privilege.

    Dr. Henry A. Kissinger in his Forward to Lee Kwan Yew’s,
    From Third World to First, the Singapore Story:
    1965-2000 spells out the strategic implications of the politics of excellence.
    Lee Kwan Yew was a leader who changed the destiny of Singapore.

    Kissinger explains the value of a leader in the
    politics of his era.

    “Singapore is a case in point. As the main British naval base in the Far East, it had neither prospect nor aspiration for nationhood until the collapse of European power in the aftermath of the Second World War redrew the map of Southeast Asia. In the first wave of decolonization, Singapore was made part of Malaya until its largely Chinese population proved too daunting for a state attempting to define its national identity by a Malay majority.

    Malaya extruded Singapore because it was not ready to cope with so large a Chinese population or, less charitably, to teach Singapore the habits of dependence if it was forced back into what later became the Malaysia federation. But history shows that normally prudent, ordinary calculations can be overturned by extraordinary personalities.

    In the case of Lee Kuan Yew, the father of Singapore’s emergence as a national state, the ancient argument is whether circumstances could not have been less favourable. Located on a sandbar with nary a natural resource, Singapore had in the 1950s a polyglot population of slightly over a million (today over three million ) of which 75.4 percent was Chinese, 13.6 percent Malay and 8.6 percent India.

    It adjoined in the South with Indonesia, with population of over 100 million (now nearly double that ) and in the North with Malaya (later Malaysia), with then- population of 6.28 million. By far the smallest country in southeast Asia, Singapore seemed destined to become a client state of powerful neighbours, if indeed it could preserve its independence at all. Lee Kuan Yew thought otherwise.

    Every great achievement is a dream before it becomes a reality, and his vision was a state that could not simply survive but prevail by excelling. Superior intelligence, discipline, and ingenuity would substitute for resources. Lee Kwan Yew summoned his compatriots to a duty they had never previously perceived.

    First to clean up their city, then to dedicate it to overcome the initial hostility of their neighbours and their own ethnic divisions by superior performance. The Singapore of today is his testament”.

  4. Naija News

    THE water problem in Nigeria has reached crisis point. No day passes without stories or news
    about cases of water borne diseases caused by chronic shortage of safe water making the rounds.

    It is no longer news that this problem has remained hydra-headed despite colossal sums of money budgeted by past and present

    For instance, in Lagos, about 90 per cent of the
    residents do not have daily access to clean and safe water.

    Daily water needs

    Meeting the daily water needs of the average
    family in the city is a difficult task. Safe water is expensive and almost unaffordable for many.

    Findings by Good Health Weekly reveal that for an average family of 4 in Lagos, a sizeable portion of their income
    is utilized to meet water requirements.

    A conservative estimate shows that such family would require between three to six packs of water
    daily. At N150 per pack , approximately N450 -N900 is expended daily on drinking water.

    For their domestic water needs such as washing and cooking,
    the services of the Mai Ruwa (water seller) to supply them an average
    of five to 10 (25-litre) jerry cans of water at N50 per jerry can daily.

    The prevalence of water borne diseases in most Nigerian cities does
    not come as a surprise. This can explain why some
    students of Queen’s College, Lagos died in circumstances linked
    to contaminated water. Nationwide, more than half of Nigeria’s population has no access to clean water and
    more than two thirds has no access to sanitation,
    according to official statistics.

    Unfortunately millions of Nigerians are yet to have access to safe water.

    In 2012, the World Health Organisation, WHO, and United
    Nations Children’s Fund,UNICEF ranked Nigeria 3rd behind China and India as countries with the largest population without adequate water
    supply and sanitation coverage.

    According to UNICEF Executive Director, Anthony Lake, millions of children in Nigeria and the world at large lack
    access to safe water which in return endangers their lives, undermines their health, and jeopardizes their future.

    For him, the water crisis will continue unless collective
    action is taken urgently. Nigerians say he may have been proved right.

    Today, millions are groaning under the burden of unsafe drinking
    water. It is also a common sight to see women and children moving about with buckets and jerry can in search of illusive safe water.

    Water stress: The latest UNICEF report says Nigeria
    and 36 other countries are facing extremely high levels of
    water stress and there are fears that water-related
    diseases in these countries may double but
    there are more fears as it concerns water in plastic bottles.

    The report also revealed that about 600 million children worldwide (1 in 4) will be living in areas
    where water demand outstrips supply by 2040 In all of these, children will be
    most affected.

    From the remotest part of Lagos to the farthest communities in Maiduguri, the story
    is the same, there is no safe water anywhere.

    Worse still, reports by UNICEF have shown that that
    the greatest challenge facing the country is non availability of physical infrastructure to
    harness rainfall and ground water effectively.

    Today, there are huge variations in rainfall between north and south Nigeria, making it more important to better
    plan and manage water resources to minimise the impact of floods and drought.
    Unfortunately, these factors force children and adults to use unsafe water,
    which exposes them to potentially deadly water related diseases like cholera and diarrhoea.

    It is unarguable that Nigerians constitute significant percentatge
    of the 3.4 million people that WHO estimates die annually
    as a result of water borne diseases, associated with inadequate provision of drinking water and

    This is not unexpected because statistics from WaterAid show that over 63 million Nigerians have no
    choice but to get water from wherever they can.

    Also statistics show that about 130,000 Nigerian children die annually because of water-related

    However, in view of these staggering revelations, experts
    say the situation at hand is escalating waterborne
    diseases in the country.

    According to them, contaminated water can cause different types of diarrheal diseases, including cholera, and serious illnesses such as guinea worm, typhoid fever, dysentery
    and hepatitis A.

    In the views of a Consultant Epidemiologist and Public Health Physician,
    Prof Akin Osibogun, poor water supply in terms of quantity and quality can increase the risk of
    various types of water related diseases classified as
    waterborne, water impounding, water vector, water shortage and
    water chemical diseases.


    Health watchers are also worried that even as shortage of
    water has remained the norm across Nigeria, and even where available, the safety
    remains questionable.

    Even for Nigerians trying to meet their water needs through purchase of sachet water and table water, there appears
    to be no reprieve. Recently, members of the
    National Assembly expressed fears about safety of packaged water.

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  6. Sha Lacerenza

    Erectile dysfunction is a taboo topic amongst males.
    Nobody likes to discuss it. However the very fact is that as males age,
    an rising quantity will undergo from erectile dysfunction. From
    the age of 30, the variety of males who’ve unsatisfactory erections or
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    The essential causes embody cardiovascular illness, diabetes,
    hormonal imbalance, neurological illness and the facet-results of remedy.
    Even spinal paralysis may end up in patients now not with the ability to have erections.

    Some males attain for the ‘blue pills’ to deal with erectile
    dysfunction. Nevertheless, Viagra helps solely to prolong an erection; it doesn’t really set off it.
    To ‘get it up’, researchers led by Martin Fussenegger,
    professor of Biotechnology and Bioengineering on the Division of Biosystems (D-BSSE) in Basel,
    have now developed a novel biotechnological resolution: a gene therapy that triggers dependable erections.

    Erection with out sexual stimulation

    A gene assemble that reacts to blue gentle is injected into the erectile tissue of the
    penis. As quickly as it’s uncovered to the sunshine, a precursor molecule (guanosine triphosphate or GTP) is transformed into the second messenger cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP),
    which exists naturally in numerous human organs. This enables voltage-dependent calcium channels to shut, thereby lowering calcium ranges within the cells, which in flip
    relaxes muscle cells and will increase blood stream to the erectile tissue.
    And so the penis turns into stiff. An enzyme then slowly breaks
    down cGMP in order that the erection wears off with
    time. The ‘blue pill’ blocks this enzyme and intensifies and prolongs the erection, nevertheless it
    can not set off one.

    Thanks to the gene assemble, the manufacturing of cGMP
    just isn’t stimulated by sexual arousal however by
    publicity of the erectile tissue to blue gentle. “In this manner, we circumvent the same old sexual stimulation that triggers a cascade of alerts within the physique and in the end results in an erection,”
    says Fussenegger. With erectile dysfunction, regular sexual
    stimulation doesn’t result in an erection.

    Animal testing profitable

    The researchers examined their new growth in male rats by injecting the gene assemble into the erectile tissue – with good outcomes.
    Usually, the blue mild acted like a change that allowed
    the rats’ erection to be ‘turned on’. For a few of the animals, the stimulation even led to

    “The system of an erection could be very comparable throughout all mammals,” says Fussenegger.
    He’s due to this fact satisfied that the gene assemble
    will even work in people. Apparently, it appeared very
    early in evolutionary historical past and has been preserved.
    “Even Viagra works on rats. It prolongs the erection’s depth, simply because it does in people.”

    Great want amongst sufferers

    The ETH professor doesn’t anticipate many aspect-results from this kind of
    gene therapy. “Injection of a gene assemble shouldn’t be a barrier to potential customers, as injections within the erectile tissue are already a normal therapy for erectile dysfunction nowadays,” says Fussenegger.
    The erectile tissue is basically insensitive to ache; it is usually for probably the most half detached from regular blood circulation, so the chance that the gene assemble might attain different components of the physique could be
    very low. As well as, cGMP breaks down comparatively shortly.
    As Viagra prolongs the erection, any potential gene therapy may very well be supplemented by this

    An artificially induced erection would fulfill an amazing want amongst patients
    affected by erectile dysfunction, says Fussenegger.

    “A number of medical doctors have confirmed this to me,” says the ETH professor.
    As well as, not all sufferers are allowed to
    take Viagra; as an example, these with identified coronary
    heart illness.

    ETH researchers in Basel labored on this gene assemble
    for 4 years and for the time being it exists solely as
    a prototype; checks in people have but to be carried out.

    Nevertheless, Fussenegger expects that the precept will grow to be established with people too,
    for the reason that system could be very straightforward and cheap to make use of.
    “Earlier than it can be utilized as a therapy, it requires extremely costly clinical checks. We’re actively in search of companions to place our know-how into clinical observe.”
    Discover additional: Research highlights advantages of screening for
    coronary heart illness in males with erectile dysfunction

    More data: Kim T, Folcher M, Douad-El Baba M, Fussenegger M.
    “A artificial erectile optogenetic stimulator (EROS) enabling blue-gentle-inducible penile erection.” Angew.
    Chem. Int. Ed. Engl. Printed on-line nineteenth March 2015.

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    psychological set off is seemed for much more often as a essential
    problem and the bodily result in in older guys.

    Tright here is a variety of things your medical skilled can do to
    help you alongside however for the capabilities
    of this report I’ll define a few of the traditional remedies that may help you once more on observe again.

    one)A food regimen program that’s complete of fattening and processed meals shall be no
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    your sexual nicely being will as nicely bear.
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    Identify your Webroot Key Code.
    Wondering how to find key code ? The Webroot security package is simple to setup & install at webroot.com/safe. Simply find 20-character alpha-numeric code that is written on the backside of the retail card. Here may be a sample Product Key to let you understand: xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx



    When you buy any antivirus product from this American brand, you can install the same on your device with ease. It is extremely convenient to install any of the security packages from Norton with a few simple steps that you need to follow.

    1-To start with, you will have to download the antivirus software available at norton.com/setup. This can be done with a powerful internet connection without a CD or DVD. You can also do this with the help of a retail card.

    2- Next step is accessing the unique 25 character alpha-numeric code (xxxx-xxxx-xxxx-xxxx) which is your product key. If you buy a retail card, you will find this unique code on the backside of the card that you need to enter after you created your account and log in.

    3-You can now Install Norton with this Product Key by entering this unique product key. The installation process is now complete and you can click on the ‘Submit’ button.

    The norton.com/setup makes it easy and convenient for all users to install antivirus without much help. However, if you run into any problem during the installation process, then here are a few tips for help.

    Check your internet connection if the automatic download fails. Inadequate internet speed often hampers a smooth download of antivirus files.
    In case you have an existing antivirus on your system, you will first have to uninstall it before you set up Norton.
    Make sure that your operating system has the latest updates so that it is compatible with the Norton antivirus that you are installing.

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